Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

The sight of snowy roads and sidewalks are slowly disappearing, and the arrival of the bright sun is making its warmth known. As winter makes its exit, the introduction of spring brings with it a completely new set of changes. These changes also need to occur with your vehicle because getting it ready for spring is extremely important.

At Glacier Honda, we are proud to have a full-service centre that is equipped to get your vehicle ready for this beautiful season. Our factory-trained technicians know your Honda like the back of their hand and also have the skill set to maintain off-brand vehicles. If you have any questions about proper car maintenance please don't hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, continue reading to learn about five tips to get your vehicle ready for spring.

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Winter Tire Swap

We know that winter and all-season tires are composed of different rubber. That's why it's important to get your winter tires off as soon as the temperature reaches 7 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, you could further degrade your winter tires and make them less effective next winter. Also, make sure to check your tire pressure as your all-seasons have been sitting for over four months and maybe have lost some air.

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Spring Cleaning

After a harsh winter, it is always best to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning. Make sure to take out all the floor mats and give them a proper cleaning; while they are out, also perform a vacuuming of the interior. Proper car maintenance keeps your vehicle looking new and fresh.

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Test Your Battery

It goes without saying that winter and cold weather can have an impact on your battery. Cold starts will, over time, drain the battery and reduce its effectiveness to start your vehicle. If your battery is older than four years old, it is a good idea to consider a replacement or have it tested to make sure it still has enough power. Our service centre is ready to test your battery and provide you with a detailed analysis.

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Check Your Brakes

Checking your brakes every season is important, especially after winter. Your brakes are used more frequently during the winter season because we usually take more care by staying a safe distance from the vehicle in front. A quick brake inspection at our service centre is easy.

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Change Your Oil and Check Fluids

Making sure your vehicle runs smoothly through springtime is important; no one wants to be left on the side of the road no enjoying the sun. A fresh oil change is always highly recommended, as well as checking all the fluids in your vehicle. Seasonal car maintenance is vital, so make sure your vehicle is in prime working order by visiting our service centre.

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