Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Guide - Castlegar, BC

Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Guide

Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Guide

A dashboard warning on your Honda can be a source of panic, especially if you don't understand its meaning. The best way to avoid panicking when warning lights flush is to master the meaning of each of the symbols. If a yellow icon indicates, slow down and drive with caution. But if a red icon flashes, it means there's a much more severe problem.

Types Of Honda Dashboard Warnings & What They Mean

Braking System Failure

Braking System Failure Notification

This warning light indicates that there's a potential failure of your braking system. If you happen to see this warning on your dashboard, it is advisable to pull safely off the road, park the vehicle and seek assistance from a nearby Service Centre.

Low Oil Pressure

Low Oil Pressure Notification

This warning light indicates that the engine is no longer lubricated, and continuing to drive in that condition could damage the internal engine components. You should turn off the engine as soon as possible after seeing this sign.

Charging System

Charging System Warning

This warning indicates that there's a possible failure in the charging system. If there's no electrical power, then your engine will shut off and leave you stranded. Find a place where you can park safely and seek roadside assistance.

Power Steering Warning

Power Steering Warning

This warning symbol indicates that a problem has occurred in the steering system of your vehicle, which can cause the steering wheel to become stiff and difficult to maneuver. Avoid forcing the vehicle to steer as it could lead to even more significant problems.

Engine & Emissions Warning

Engine & Emissions Warning

This warning light shows that there's a possible problem with your engine. Common signs or symptoms may include shuttering or inadequate power when pressing the accelerator.

Supplemental Restraint System

Supplemental Restraint System

This warning light is an indication that there could be an issue with the airbags, meaning they may malfunction in case of a crash. Avoid driving your vehicle when you see these signs and instead call for assistance.

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Dashboard warning lights play a crucial role when it comes to the safety of the driver and occupants of a vehicle. They are there to show you what could be wrong and what needs to be done for your vehicle to function normally. Contact us if you have any questions about dashboard warning lights or inquire about the available parts in our Parts Centre that can fix your vehicle's problem.

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